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What is Camu Camu?
Q1. What kind of fruit is it?
A1. Camu Camu grows in the Amazon Rainforest in the Republic of Peru. Research shows this fruit contains more vitamin C than any other. Camu Camu Provides 2,800mg of Vitamin C per 100g-approximately twice that of acerola, 3 times more than the same quantity of rose hips, 40 times that of kiwi, 56 times more than lemon, and 300% more than the same amount (100g) of blueberries. You can see why Camu Camu is nicknamed the miracle fruit.
Q2. How is it classified?
A2. It is classified in Myrtaceae family (Myrciaria Dubia scientifically.) Submerged CamuCamu Trees in rainy season
Ukayari River (Start of Amazon River ) Nursery CamuCamu Flower
The CamuCamu flower looks like cotton balls Enlarge Image Not yet ripened CamuCamu fruit
ripening Almost rippened fruit CamuCamu Fruit just a inch or two in diameter
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